Malaria has been a devastating disease for the most part of the last century, especially for those less fortunate who happen to live in areas considered as the malaria hot spots. In the past, joint effort to eradicate malaria was only partially successful, eradicating malaria from some parts of the world but not the others. This has created an enormous inequality. Today, malaria continues to kill over a million of people each year, and puts 3 billion people’s life at risk. But, just get this: if you are living in a country free of malaria, how often do you actually hear the word “malaria” being mentioned in the news?

It is therefore our intention to be the voice to raise the awareness of this deadly disease which is still ravaging a big part of the world.

Right now, you may be wondering who we really are. We are two medical students from the University of Western Australia, who are interested in tropical diseases such as malaria.

Feel free to comment or leave feedback on our blog. We welcome any like-minded people to join us to raise our collective consciousness of malaria.